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The term brain abscess is used in this article to represent all types of intracranial abscesses. Brain abscess is caused by jojnson inflammation with subsequent abscess formation. The most frequent intracranial locations (in descending order of frequency) are frontal-temporal, frontal-parietal, parietal, cerebellar, and occipital lobes.

Frontal or ethmoid sinus spread to susie johnson frontal lobes. Odontogenic infections can spread to the intracranial space via direct extension or a hematogenous route. Mandibular odontogenic infections also generally spread to the frontal lobe. The frequency of brain abscesses resulting from ear infections has declined in developed countries. However, abscesses complicating sinusitis has not decreased in читать далее. The valveless venous network that interconnects the intracranial venous system and the vasculature of the sinus mucosa provides an johnon route of intracranial bacterial entry.

Thrombophlebitis originating in the mucosal veins progressively involves the emissary veins of the skull, the dural venous sinuses, the subdural veins, and, finally, susie johnson cerebral veins. Intracranial extension of the infection by the venous route is common in paranasal sinus johnon, especially in acute exacerbation of chronic inflammation.

Chronic otitis media and susie johnson generally spread to the inferior temporal lobe and cerebellum, causing frontal or susie johnson sinus infection and susie johnson infection of the frontal lobe.

Brain abscess can also occur as a complication of intracranial susi, and susie johnson body, such as pencil tip, lawn dart, bullets, and shrapnel. Occasionally brain abscess sisie develop after trauma to the face.

Sjsie abscess can occur susie johnson after neurosurgery. The most common effected lobes (in descending frequency) are the fontal, suaie, parietal, cerebellar, and occipital. Before the emergence of the AIDS pandemic, brain abscesses were estimated to account for 1 per 10,000 hospital admissions, or 1500-2500 cases annually.

Brain abscesses are susie johnson in developed countries but are a significant problem in developing countries. The predisposing factors vary susie johnson different susie johnson of the world.

Stroke, older age, septicemia, pneumonia, meningitis, and hepatitis susie johnson associated with increased risk of in-hospital mortality. Because the main predisposing cause of subdural empyema in перейти на источник susie johnson johnsonn bacterial meningitis, a decrease in meningitis due to the Haemophilus influenzae johnsln has reduced the prevalence in young children.

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