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So the most of the researchers are interested in focus revista brasileira calculation and fusion processes directly in DCT domain. Accordingly, many researchers developed some techniques revista brasileira are substituting the spatial revista brasileira fusion process with DCT domain fusion process.

Previous works in DCT domain have some shortcomings in selection of suitable divided blocks according to their criterion for focus measurement. In this paper, time management of two powerful focus measurements, energy of Laplacian revista brasileira and variance of Laplacian (VOL), are proposed directly in DCT domain. In addition, two other new focus measurements which work by measuring correlation coefficient between source blocks and artificial blurred blocks are developed completely in DCT domain.

However, a new consistency verification method is introduced as a post-processing, improving the quality of fused image significantly. These proposed methods reduce the drawbacks significantly due to unsuitable block selection.

The output images quality of our proposed methods is demonstrated by comparing the results of proposed algorithms with the previous algorithms. To address the problem of outlier жмите in wireless sensor networks, in this paper we present a PCA-based centralized approach and a DPCA-based distributed energy-efficient.

Read More Detecting anomalies is an important challenge for intrusion detection and fault diagnosis in revista brasileira sensor networks (WSNs).

To address the problem of outlier detection in wireless sensor networks, in this paper we present a PCA-based centralized approach and a DPCA-based distributed energy-efficient approach for detecting outliers in sensed data in a WSN. In the distributed approach, we use distributed principal component analysis (DPCA) and fixed-width clustering (FWC) in order to establish a global normal pattern and to detect outlier.

The process of establishing the global normal pattern is distributed among all revista brasileira nodes. We also use weighted coefficients dairy journal a forgetting curve to periodically update the established normal profile.

We demonstrate that the proposed distributed approach achieves comparable accuracy compared to the centralized approach, while the communication overhead in the network and energy consumption is significantly reduced. The Approximate Point in Triangle (APIT) is a range-free approach. We propose modification of the APIT algorithm and refer as modified-APIT.

We select revista brasileira triangles with appropriate distance between anchors. Read More In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), localization algorithms could be range-based revista brasileira range-free. We select suitable triangles with appropriate distance between anchors to reduce PIT test errors (edge effect and non-uniform placement of neighbours) in APIT algorithm. To reduce the computational load and avoid useless anchors selection, we propose to segment the application area to four non-overlapping and four overlapping sub-regions.

Our results show that the modified-APIT algorithm has better performance in terms of average error and time requirement for all sizes of network with random and grid deployments. For increasing the accuracy of localization and reduction revista brasileira computation time, every sub-region should contain minimum 5 anchors.

The modified-APIT has better performance for different sizes of network for both grid and random deployments in terms of average error and time requirement. Variations of the size of a network and radio communication radius of anchors affect the value of average error and time requirement. To have more accurate location estimation, 5 to 10 anchors per sub-region are effective in modified-APIT. In recent years, the number of available.

Read More Quality revista brasileira service (QoS) is an important issue in the design and management of web service composition. In recent years, the number of available web services revista brasileira proliferated, and then offered the посетить страницу источник services increasingly.

The same web services are distinguished based on their quality parameters. Also, clients usually demand more value added services rather than those offered by single, isolated web services. Therefore, selecting a composition plan of web services among numerous plans satisfies client requirements and has become a challenging and time-consuming problem.

This paper has proposed a new composition plan optimizer with constraints based on genetic algorithm. The proposed method can find the composition plan that satisfies user constraints efficiently. The performance of the method is evaluated in a simulated environment. Because there is uncertainty as revista brasileira which speech feature is related to which revista brasileira, many revista brasileira must be taken into account and, for this purpose, identifying the most discriminative revista brasileira is.

Read More Feature selection is the one of the most revista brasileira steps in designing speech emotion recognition systems. Because there is uncertainty as to which speech feature is related to which emotion, many features must be taken into account and, for this purpose, identifying the most discriminative features is necessary.

In the interest of selecting appropriate emotion-related speech features, the current paper focuses on a источник статьи approach. As a result, the proposed method chooses one set of speaker-independent features of which the selected features are discriminative in revista brasileira emotion classes.



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