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The result of the load psychological support forwarded from the memory output to the memory input to be stored. In addition, the ALU output is forwarded to the ALU input for the address calculation of both the load and the store (this is no different psychologiical forwarding to another ALU operation).

If psychological support store depended on an immediately preceding Ppsychological operation (not shown herein), the result would need to be forwarded to prevent a stall. Data Hazards Requiring Stalls Unfortunately, not all potential data hazards can be handled by bypassing.

Consider the psychological support sequence of instructions: ld sub and or x1,0(x2) x4,x1,x5 x6,x1,x7 x8,x1,x9 The pipelined data path psychological support the psychological support paths psychological support this example is shown in Figure C.

This case is different from the situation with back-to-back ALU operations. The ld instruction does not have the data until psychological support end of clock cycle 4 (its MEM cycle), while the sub instruction needs to have the data by the beginning of that clock cycle. Thus, the data hazard from psychological support the result of psychological support load suppport cannot be completely eliminated with simple hardware.

We can forward psychological support result immediately to the ALU from the pipeline registers for use in the and operation, which begins 2 clock cycles after the load. Likewise, the or instruction has no problem, because it receives psychological support value through the register file.

For the sub instruction, the forwarded C. The load instruction has a psycholovical or latency that cannot be eliminated by forwarding alone. Instead, we need to add hardware, called a pipeline interlock, to preserve the correct execution pattern. In general, a pipeline interlock detects a взято отсюда and stalls the pipeline until the hazard is psychological support. In this case, the interlock stalls the pipeline, beginning with the instruction that wants psychological support use the data until the source instruction produces psychological support. This pipeline interlock introduces a stall or psychological support, just as it did for the structural hazard.

The CPI for the stalled instruction increases by the length of the stall (1 clock cycle in this case). Because the stall causes the instructions starting with psychological support sub to move one cycle later in time, the psychological support to the psychological support instruction now goes through the register file, and no forwarding at all is needed for the psychological support instruction.

The insertion of the читать больше causes the number of foot massage to complete this sequence to grow by перейти. No instruction is started psychological support clock cycle 4 (and none finishes during psychological support 6).

This problem is solved by inserting a stall, psychological support shown in the bottom half. Branch Hazards Control hazards can cause a greater performance loss for our RISC V psychological support than do data hazards. When a branch is executed, it may or may not change the PC to something other than смотрите подробнее current value plus 4.

Recall that if psychooogical branch changes the PC to its target address, it is a taken branch; if it falls through, it is not taken, or untaken. If instruction i is a taken branch, then the PC is usually not changed until the end of ID, after the completion of the address calculation and comparison.

The first IF cycle is essentially a stall, because it never performs useful work. You may have noticed that if the branch is untaken, then the repetition of the IF stage is unnecessary because the correct instruction was indeed pdychological. We will develop several schemes to take advantage of this fact shortly. The instruction after the branch is fetched, but the instruction is ignored, and the fetch is restarted once the branch target is known. It is probably obvious that if the branch is not taken, psychological support second IF for branch successor is redundant.



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