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Although a shared bus programming articles a multiported central memory could be used, these solutions are insufficient or too expensive, respectively, when the required aggregate switch bandwidth is high. Most high-performance switches programming articles an internal crossbar to programming articles nonblocking connectivity within the switch, thus allowing concurrent connections between multiple input-output port pairs.

Buffering of blocked packets can be done using first in, first out смотрите подробнее or circular queues, which be implemented as dynamically allocatable multi-queues (DAMQs) in static RAM to provide high capacity and flexibility.

These queues can be placed at input ports (i. Routing can be implemented using programming articles finite-state machine or forwarding table within the routing control unit of switches.

In the former case, the routing information given in the packet header is processed by a finite-state machine that determines the allowed switch output port (or ports if routing is adaptive), according to the routing algorithm. Portions of the routing information in the programming articles are usually F. When routing is implemented using forwarding tables, the routing information given in the packet header programming articles used as an address to access a forwarding table entry that contains the allowed programming articles output port(s) provided by the routing algorithm.

Forwarding tables must be preloaded into the switches at the outset of network operation. Hybrid approaches also exist where the forwarding table is reduced to a small set of routing bits and combined with a читать больше logic block. Those routing bits are used by the routing control unit to know what programming articles are allowed and decide the output ports the packets need to take.

The goal with those approaches is to build flexible yet compact routing control units, eliminating the area and power wastage of a large forwarding table programming articles thus being suitable for OCNs. The routing control unit is usually implemented programming articles a centralized resource, although it could be programming articles at every input port so as not programming articles become a bottleneck.

Routing is done only once for every packet, and packets typically are large enough to take several cycles to flow through the switch, so programming articles centralized routing control unit rarely becomes a bottleneck.

Arbitration is required when two or programming articles packets concurrently request the same output port, as described in the previous section. Switch arbitration can be implemented programming articles a centralized or distributed way. Arbitration may be performed multiple times on packets, and there may be multiple queues associated with each input port, F. Thus, many implementations use a hierarchical arbitration approach, where arbitration is узнать больше performed locally at every input port to select just one request among the corresponding packets and queues, and later arbitration is performed globally to process the requests made by each of the local input port arbiters.

The basic switch microarchitecture depicted in Figure F. When по ссылке packet starts to arrive at a switch input port, the link controller decodes the incoming signal and generates a sequence of bits, possibly deserializing data to adapt them to the width of the internal data path if different from the external link width.

Information is also extracted from the packet header or link control signals to determine programming articles queue to which the packet should be buffered. As the packet is being programming articles and buffered (or after the programming articles packet has страница buffered, depending on the switching technique), the header is sent to the routing unit.

This unit supplies a request for one or more output ports to the arbitration unit. Arbitration for the requested output programming articles succeeds if the port is free and has programming articles space to buffer the entire packet programming articles flit, depending on the switching programming articles. If wormhole switching with virtual channels is implemented, additional arbitration and allocation steps may be required for the transmission of programming articles individual flit.

Once the resources are allocated, the packet is programming articles across the internal crossbar to the programming articles output buffer and programming articles if no other packets are ahead of programming articles and the link is free.

Link-level flow control implemented by the link controller prevents input queue overflow at the neighboring switch on the other end of the link. If virtual channel programming articles is programming articles, several packets may be timemultiplexed across the link on a flit-by-flit basis. As the various input programming articles output ports operate independently, several incoming packets may be processed concurrently in the absence of contention.

Buffer Organizations As mentioned above, queues can be located at the switch input, output, or both sides. Output-buffered смотрите подробнее have the advantage of completely eliminating head-of-line blocking.



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