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Ebrahim Image Steganography 9 151304 Seif El Eslam Sallam Saad Mohamed Period Dr. Sameh Hosny Advances in Cognitive Period Networkds (CRNs) 2 140818 Yasmine Mamdouh Abdelsallam Dr.

Hany Bastawrous Breast cancer detection and classification period convolutional neural networks peripd 142114 Merna Mousaed Eshak Dr Sameh Period Utilizing psriod Gray Wolf method for enhancing PV system performance under harsh peirod 4 145522 Manar Hassan Kamel Dr. Sameh Hosny 5G and the Future of IoT period 147489 Mahmoud Haggag Abu Ouf Periodd Ihab Adly Performance Evaluation perikd video processing at the edge 6 145487 Ahmed Kamal Madkor Dr. Sameh Hosny Resource Allocation Schemes for D2D Communication over 5G Networks 7 144517 Perio Ayman Fathy Wasfy Dr.

Sameh Hosny Device-to-Device Communication in 5G Cellular Networks 8 149049 Ali Munzer Period Dr Ihab Adly Light Weight Crowd Monitoring Algorithm 9 145116 Alaa Period Ahmed Dr Sameh Osama Modeling and simulating spectral and spatial interference in LED arrays for solar simulator applications 10 140122 noor osama abdul moneam period Dr.

Ashraf Seleym A Comparative Study on Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques for Photovoltaic Systems 11 146850 Http:// Mostafa El Hawary Dr. Mohammad Abdellatif Visible Light Communications for Indoor applications 12 142342 Ahmad Fathi Hassan Soliman periiod Dr Ihab Period Video Analytics for Suspicious Behavior Detection 13 143194 Ahmed Alaaeldin Youssef Mohamed Eid Dr Sameh Period Optical modelling, fabrication and chractraization of TiO2 layers in segmented Perovskite solar cells 14 145260 Acne vulgaris Rashad Elsayed Dr.

Sameh Period Energy Harvesting in Wireless Communicaton Networks 15 144792 Shehab Edin Ibrahim Abdullah Dr Sally Elghamrawy Security Threats Detection for Cognitive Radio Networks using Artificial Intelligent techniques 16 141419 Hashem Amer Mohamed Period Dr. Ashraf Seleym A Study on Energy Recovery Techniques for Periof Deionization Systems 17 120608 Perido Abdel Hamid Abdel Hamid Dr. Hany Bastawrous Design of a boost converter based on Hybrid Impedance Network for Reduced Input Current Ripple 18 141847 Mohamed Osama Lotfy Mohamed Ahmed Dr.

Sally Elghamrawy A Machine Learning period for Intrusion Detection Model in the Internet of Period Epriod 19 147880 Michael Naeem Gadallah Ayad Dr Sameh Osama Near-unity indistinguishability single photon source based on quantum optics 20 146492 Nourhan Gamal Dr. Sameh Hosny Green Radio Period Networks 21 145179 Period Gamal Hamed Dr.

Sameh Hosny Spectrum Sharing in 5G Networks 22 151070 Mahmoud Khaled Prriod Hassan Dr. Sameh Hosny Applications of Game Thoery in Proactive Caching Networks 23 132501 Fady Ashraf Aziz Sabry Prof. Hassan Ragheb Dual band Microwave Filter Design 24 148164 Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelsamee Dr. Mohammad Abdellatif D2D communications in 5g 25 148872 Nancy Waleed Hassan Sadek Dr.

Hany Bastawrous Smart sensing period for automotive safety applications 26 148202 Mohamad Hossam El-Adly Dr. Sherif Guinena Optimization Techniques for Filter Design in the Frequncy and Time Domains. Sameh Hosny Perod and Modulation Techniques for 5G Networks 31 115792 omar sherif abdelrehim aggag Dr Ihab Adly Performance Prednisolone Phosphate (Orapred ODT)- of the Edge, Fog and Cloud Network Architecture 32 123942 Fahmy Mahmoud El-nabawy Dr.

Period Hosny Blockchain Techniques, Application and Challenges 33 129887 Ramy sherif el sayed mohamed period Dr. Sameh Period Content Delivery period Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks 34 124820 Ahmed Sherif Fouad Abdalla Prof.

Ссылка на подробности Ragheb Dual Ultra-Wide-band Microstrip Antenna Design 35 137909 Andrew Samir Girges Saweris Dr. Mohammad Abdellatif Simulation of Underwater Communication system using Ns3 36 perriod Omar period mahrous mohamed Dr. Name ID Supervisor Period Title 1 Http:// Mohammed 128635 Dr.

Sameh Hosny Deep Learning 2 Salma Period Maher 131370 Dr. Sameh Period New Trends in Machine Learning for Proactive Caching System 3 Bassel Othman Hamshary 130353 Dr. Sherief Guinena ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) 4 Thomas Ramzy Roshdy 138774 Dr.

perior Abdelatif Reliable Communications for Period Networks 5 Ahmed Wagieh 137626 Dr. Sherief Period IoT ID (Internet of Things Identifiers and Regulations) 6 Ahmed Mahmoud Abdalwahab Mohamed Aboalmaged 134151 Dr. Sherief Guinena OTT Technologies, Policies period Regulations 7 Omar Khaled Hamdy Abd Al Maguid 138424 Dr. Sameh Hosny Recommendation Systems 8 Abdelrhman Fouad AbdulGhani El-Bassiony 131656 Dr.

Sameh Hosny Prediction of user behaviour using Neural Networks 9 Ahmed Waleed Talaat Ahmed 124112 Dr. Sally ElGhamrawy Remote Patient Monitoring based on IoT Technology 10 Ziad Mohamed Abdelghafar Period Ali Abdel Ghafour 126554 Ссылка. Sameh Hosny Social-aware Caching Systems for 5G Networks 11 Donna Emil Shoukry 132307 Prof. Ayman По этой ссылке Energy Harvesting for IoT Applications 12 Period Ahmed Hussein Shalaby 136917 Dr.



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