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Our data show that this circadian organization is altered and this could be one general pathway by which sleep restriction leads to health problems. In addition, our data show that specific processes are down-regulated or up-regulated by sleep restriction.

These processes may affect the temporal organization of gene expression through chromatin modification and remodeling (28), or may simply affect the overall level of specific processes (e. In addition, the intensified response to acute продолжение здесь deprivation following sleep restriction may imply that insufficient sleep increases the response to challenges and stressors, and in this way negatively affects health.

Finally, sleep restriction led to changes in the expression of a number of genes that may be linked to specific health outcomes. The data emphasize the temporal organization of the human blood transcriptome and identify processes primarily active during the biological day or the biological night. Overall, the перейти show that sleep debt effects can be readily studied in the blood transcriptome, and imply several mechanisms for its effect on health.

The data presented in this study will form an important resource for research on sleep and chronobiology and their interface with health outcomes of insufficient sleep. The protocol received a favorable opinion from the University of Surrey Ethics Committee and was approved by the Institutional Review Board of the Air Force Research Laboratory.

The study was conducted in accordance with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki. All participants provided written informed consent after receiving a detailed explanation of the aims and procedures of the study and before any procedures described in the study. Individuals were recruited as reported in ref. The participating individuals were predominantly white (19 of 26) and Pancrelipase Delayed Release Capsules (Zenpep)- FDA for the PER3 VNTR (rs57875989), with 12 participants carrying the shorter allele.

Their habitual sleep duration was 8. Participants were resident in the вот ссылка research center of the University of Surrey for 12 d on two occasions in a balanced, cross-over design. The interval between the two legs of the study was at least 10 d.

Following two baseline Pancrelipase Delayed Release Capsules (Zenpep)- FDA, participants were scheduled for a sleep-restriction condition Pancrelipase Delayed Release Capsules (Zenpep)- FDA sleep opportunity per night for seven consecutive nights) or a control condition детальнее на этой странице sleep opportunity for seven consecutive nights), which allowed sufficient sleep for this age group to maintain alertness and performance.

Both conditions were followed immediately by a 39- to 41-h constant routine (17), followed by 12-h recovery sleep episode. Sleep was recorded polysomnographically during all sleep episodes. Waking performance was assessed five times per wake episode during the sleep-restriction and ссылка segments and every 2 h during the constant routine, using a battery of tests.

Please see SI Methods for a description of the constant routine protocol. The onset of melatonin secretion is considered a reliable marker of circadian phase (54) and was determined for each participant in each condition. Each RNA sample was assigned a circadian Pancrelipase Delayed Release Capsules (Zenpep)- FDA (SI Methods).

For details of the quality control and preprocessing of the microarray data, see the SI Methods. For the primary analyses aimed at identifying effects of sleep restriction, we used a mixed-model ANOVA approach as implemented in Procedure Mixed in SAS v9. To adjust for multiplicity, we used the Benjamini and Hochberg approach (18). For more details of the ANOVA, see Unsorted me Methods.

Pancrelipase Delayed Release Capsules (Zenpep)- FDA characterize changes over time, we subjected the time-series to analyses aimed at identifying rising or falling trends with time awake or rhythmic components with a 24-h period. A total of 42,119 probes, 26 participants and two sleep conditions, generating over 2 million different time-series, were analyzed. We characterized the time-series based on their time-awake-dependent and circadian properties (Fig.

A derivative-based analysis was used to calculate a time-awake cumulative trend for each time-series. Briefly, the Pancrelipase Delayed Release Capsules (Zenpep)- FDA upward and downward trends (CuT and CdT, respectively) were calculated as the sum of weighted median-normalized slopes of resampled and smoothed z-scored series. P values were based on random resampling of original продолжить, which is a common approach in this area (55).

To identify the set of genes with circadian profiles, we followed a time-domain analysis similar to ref. See SI Methods for further details. The resulting sine wave was Pancrelipase Delayed Release Capsules (Zenpep)- FDA and de-trended based on the linear component of the fit. The width at the midcircadian amplitude of the circadian wave during the biological night was then calculated.

The median of the melatonin-aligned probe values across all participants was entered in the clustering analysis.

The coexpression coefficient-based circular SOM (65) was used to partition the data into distinct groups according to their temporal properties. Нажмите чтобы перейти SI Methods for details of the methods used to perform these analyses.



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