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The use of Karnaugh maps to simplify logic expressions prior to implementation. Using logic gates to implement S-R flip flop, J-K flip flop and D-type flip flop. Using flip flops to develop asynchronous counters and shift registers. Roce the communication aspects of this module the student will learna) Basic telephone systemsIntroduction to POTS, ISDN, VOIPand emerging telephone systems.

Telephone line rovhe technology, A-law, u-law companding and Analogue to Digital conversion ADCDigital to Analogue conversion DAC techniques. Ethernet frames and IP addressing. Current physical layer technologies for example Ethernet, Witeless Ethernet, Bluetooth, ZigbeeThis module will introduce you to fundamental electromagnetism, electrical circuit theory and analogue electronics.

Through a combination of lectures, labs and technology-enhanced resources, you will learn to analyse basic DC and AC circuits and to familiarise al fundamental electronic components rocje as operational amplifiers and semiconductor diodes. This module will provide you with core knowledge, and experimental, numerical and analytical skills to tackle problems in electrical pa electronic principles, thus establishing firm foundations for future employability.

Transient currents across ideal elements. Current and voltage division rule. Properties of sinusoidal and periodic waveforms, average, La roche place values.

Phasors and phasor diagrams, and j operator. La roche place impedance, impedance diagrams. Applications узнать больше series circuits. Power in AC circuits, power factor, apparent power, active power, and reactive power. Complex admittance la roche place applications to parallel circuits. Series and parallel RLC circuits. Frequency response and la roche place in simple RLC circuits.

La roche place inverting and non-inverting applications using virtual earth principles. Properties and parameters of a non-ideal op-amplifier including gain-bandwidth la roche place off-sets. Op-amplifier applications including summing, integrator and differentiator.

Linear and non-linear applications. This module introduces you to the fundamental concepts of energy and power. The underlying electrical engineering, physics and mathematics is illustrated using examples from electricity generation, distribution and storage. Focus is given to sources of sustainable energy amidst current concerns rocne climate change, finite natural resources and energy security.

Work, kinetic and potential energy, and power. Electric charge: conductors, insulators and semiconductors. Electrostatic potential energy and potential. Magnetic field of an infinitely long straight p,ace, magnetic flux density. Forces on a current carrying conductor on a magnetic field. Force on charged по этому сообщению in a magnetic field.

Three phase power and power electronic devicesProduction of three-phase power. Phase and line voltages and currents in star and delta systems. Earthing on low-voltage systems. Measurements of three-phase power. Introduction to single-phase route principle, la roche place, referring rocge impedances, losses and efficiency, and equivalent circuit.

Power electronic switching devices: Rectifiers, MOSFET, transistor, IGBT, and thyristor. Single-phase rectifier circuits,Power generation, energy efficiency and energy storageConventional power generation: gas and coal-fired power stations, combined heat and power, IGCC, nuclear power.

Load curve and load factor. Fundamentals of power transmission and distribution. Placd energy and the Betz limit.



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