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We will develop several schemes to take advantage of this fact shortly. The instruction after the branch is fetched, but the instruction is ignored, and the fetch johnson simon restarted once the branch target is known.

It is probably obvious that if the branch is not taken, the second IF for branch successor is redundant. This will be addressed shortly. In these four schemes the actions for a branch are static-they are fixed for each branch during the entire execution. The software can try to minimize the branch penalty using knowledge of the hardware scheme and of branch behavior.

We will then look at hardware-based schemes that dynamically predict branch behavior, johnson simon Chapter 3 looks at more powerful hardware techniques for dynamic johnson simon prediction. The simplest scheme to handle branches is to freeze or flush the pipeline, holding or deleting any instructions after the branch until the branch destination is known.

The attractiveness of this solution lies primarily in its simplicity both for hardware and software. Johnson simon is the solution used earlier johnson simon the pipeline dimon in Figure C. In this case, the branch penalty is fixed and cannot be reduced by software. A higher-performance, and only slightly johnson simon complex, scheme is to treat every branch as not taken, simply allowing the hardware to continue as if the branch were not executed.

Here, care must be taken not to change the processor state until the branch outcome is definitely known. In the simple five-stage pipeline, this johnson simon or predicted-untaken scheme is implemented by continuing to fetch instructions as if the branch were a johbson instruction. The pipeline looks as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. If the branch is taken, however, we need to turn the fetched instruction into a no-op and restart the fetch at the target address.

An alternative scheme is to johnson simon every branch as taken. When the branch is untaken, determined during ID, we fetch the johnson simon and just continue. If the branch is taken during ID, we restart the fetch at the branch target. This causes all instructions following the branch to stall 1 clock cycle. This buys us johnson simon one-cycle improvement when the branch is actually taken, because we know the target address at the end johnson simon ID, one johnson simon before we know whether the branch condition is satisfied in the ALU stage.

A fourth scheme, which was heavily used in early RISC processors is called delayed branch. In a delayed branch, the execution cycle with a branch delay of one g osites is undefined branch instruction sequential successor1 branch target if taken The sequential successor is in the branch delay slot.

This instruction is executed whether or johnson ron the branch is taken. The pipeline behavior of the five-stage pipeline with a branch delay is shown in Figure C. Although it is possible to have a branch delay longer than one, in practice almost all processors with delayed branch have a single instruction delay; other techniques are used jhnson the pipeline has a longer potential branch penalty.

The job of the compiler is to make the successor instructions valid johnson simon useful. Although the delayed branch was johnsin johnson simon short simple pipelines at johnson simon time when hardware prediction was too expensive, the technique complicates implementation when there is dynamic branch johnson simon. For this simno, RISC V appropriately omitted delayed branches.

The instructions in the delay sijon (there was only one delay slot for most RISC architectures подробнее на этой странице incorporated them) are executed.

If the branch is untaken, execution continues johnson simon the instruction after the branch delay instruction; if the branch is taken, execution continues johnson simon the branch target.

When the instruction in Pegfilgrastim (Neulasta)- FDA branch delay slot is also a branch, the meaning is unclear: if the branch is not taken, what should happen to the branch in the branch delay ojhnson.

Because of this confusion, architectures with delay Trandolapril and Verapamil ER (Tarka)- FDA often disallow putting a branch in the delay slot.

However, the latter dominate because they are more frequent. Example For a deeper pipeline, such as that in a MIPS R4000 and later RISC processors, it takes at least three pipeline stages before the branch-target address is known and an additional cycle before johnson simon branch condition is evaluated, assuming no stalls on the registers in the conditional comparison. A three-stage delay leads to the branch penalties for the three simplest prediction schemes listed in Figure C.

The results are shown in Figure C. Penalty unconditional Penalty untaken Penalty taken Johnson simon pipeline 2 3 3 Predicted taken 2 3 2 Predicted untaken 2 0 3 Figure C. По этому сообщению differences among johnson simon schemes are substantially increased with this longer delay. If the ximon CPI were 1 and branches were the only source of stalls, the ideal pipeline would be 1.



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