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Vital signs have been discussed in primary survey and are often the most sensitive indicators of a serious problem. It is unlikely that the normotensive, apyrexial patient with a pulse and pharmacology by katzung of 80 has an immediately life threatening abdominal problem at the time of examination, but is no guarantee that such a hb ss special edition may not develop.

Other general signs Lamotrigine Extended-Release Tablets (Lamictal XR)- Multum as assessment of hydration and smelling the breath for foetor (sweet smell indicating ketosis) may help assess the general state of health. The patient should be fully exposed within the boundaries of decency and careful inspection carried out. Look especially for obvious distension, swellings, hb ss special edition, or other masses or scars of previous operations.

The patient should be examined with the arms by the side so as to decrease нажмите для деталей wall muscle tension. The patient with peritoneal irritation will avoid movement or the pain will be increased. Feel-before palpating the abdomen ask the patient to point to the site of greatest pain and then start examination as far away from this point as possible.

Initially use gentle, shallow palpation before palpating more deeply. In an area of specific tenderness due to peritoneal irritation there will usually be guarding-a spasm of the overlying abdominal muscles. Percussion over the area of tenderness giving pain suggests peritoneal irritation. Testing for rebound tenderness is no longer considered appropriate. Assess for organomegaly of the liver and spleen by always starting in the right lower quadrant and moving toward the hypochondia to avoid missing a grossly enlarged organ.

If the gall bladder is inflamed, the patient will experience pain when breathing in as the gall bladder descends and comes into contact with the palpating hand.

Always assess the inguinal and femoral hernia orifices. Obstruction secondary to a strangulated or incarcerated hernia is a diagnosis hb ss special edition missed by inexperienced clinicians. It is usually appropriate at this point to assess the scrotum in the male. Listen-auscultate for at least one minute in a single location. Absence of bowel sounds suggests significant pathology while high pitched tinkling sounds may also suggest obstruction.

Rectal and vaginal examination-in the community hb ss special edition these examinations may be difficult. Unless they are likely to add useful diagnostic information that might prevent hospital referral, they should be omitted. Abdominal examination is difficult in overweight, elderly, and paediatric patients, and those with a reduced conscious level.

You need to take into account the less than ideal nature of your examination in the analysis of the problem. Investigations that may be of use in увидеть больше community are urine hb ss special edition testing for urinary tract infection or haematuria, hb ss special edition glucose testing in possible diabetic keto-acidosis, and a pregnancy test in any woman of childbearing age.

This should be performed with patient consent. In atypical epigastric pain an ECG may be indicated. Key points PR and PV should only be done if adding useful clinical information that may prevent hospital referralCertain symptoms are absolute indications for admission while others are more relative and rely on assessment and the degree of certainty about the diagnosis (see table 1).

In the woman of childbearing age, hb ss special edition consider the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. If there is any doubt discussion with the gynaecology team is mandatory.

However, many abdominal conditions can present in an hb ss special edition fashion also signs and symptoms may change. Thus, the need for a high index of suspicion. The assessment principles are described above.

The menstrual history must be taken and pregnancy or its complications always suspected (box 9). Box 9 Important causes of abdominal pain in women CommonThis is a diagnosis that should be considered in all women of reproductive age.

Classically the patient will have lower abdominal pain, a history of a late or missed period, and signs of peritoneal irritation.

Unfortunately the symptoms and signs may be misleading. You should have a high index of suspicion if the woman has a history of infertility, has missed a period while using an intrauterine contraceptive device, or has been sterilised.

The management hb ss special edition been outlined in the section on primary survey. Key points Always consider the possibility of ectopic pregnancy in women with abdominal pain.



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