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Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading. Email (Required) Name (Required) Website. Electromagnetic radiation is also referred to as electromagnetic waves, photons, and light. Photons are the elementary particles that carry electromagnetic energy, manifesting get app light across a spectrum of energies, or wavelengths. Light can be absorbed by any particle that carries electric charge, such as an electron.

The light that is absorbed is destroyed, in the sense that its energy and momentum are transferred to the charged particle, with individual get app of light ceasing to exist. Colors of visible light correspond to particular photon wavelengths.

A white object such as snow reflects all colors читать больше. A silvery object such as a mirror reflects all colors specularly. An opaque get app object such as адрес страницы rose reflects some colors and absorbs the other colors.

A transparent object such as a window pane transmits all colors. A semitransparent object or translucent object such as stained glass transmits some colors and absorbs the other colors. A transparent thin film such as a soap bubble transmits some colors and reflects the other colors. In 1861, Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell systematically organized get app the laws of electricity and magnetism into one complete set. These equations state that electromagnetic radiation consists of quantized, traveling fluctuations in the electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic radiation exists across перейти на источник wide range of frequencies and can be organized on a frequency spectrum as follows: radio get app, infrared waves, get app light, ultraviolet rays, x-rays, and gamma rays.

Whenever charged particles absorb electromagnetic radiation, the radiation must be absorbed as a get app number of photons. For typical situations, too many photons are present to allow the quantized nature of absorption to be noticeable.

The get app of individual photon absorption events requires sensitive devices and low-intensity light. Photons can be absorbed by free particles or by particles bound in atoms or molecules.

This causes the particle to roche ag its state of motion, which can manifest as heat or an electric current. See also: Electric currentPlasma absorption, also known as inverse bremsstrahlung, involves the absorption of electromagnetic radiation by the free electrons and ions of get app plasma. In this process, the energy that is absorbed becomes thermal energy and the plasma heats up.

An example of this occurs in nuclear fusion reactors. This is known as antenna absorption or radio reception. The get app energy and information can then be detected and analyzed by an electric circuit.

Examples of this include the antennas in cell phones, radar receivers, and satellite dishes. An get app can be freed from an atom, get app molecule, or from the energy band of a solid. Ionization get app the freeing of an electron that was bound in an atom or small molecule.

The atom or molecule that is left behind loses an electron and therefore becomes a positive ion. Get app, the источник статьи electron and ion react aggressively with neighboring atoms.



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