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Please, try hard to send a manuscript with good level of Привожу ссылку. Well-written это fat penis так)) will let editors and reviewers concentrate on their academic value. The title effective stress the manuscript should fully reflect the topic of the research and its content.

It must be short and concrete (not more than 15 words). It is appropriate to point the object of research or concretize it using the colon or the brackets. It is not recommended to use contractions, but if used, then only for the commonly known ones. Author (authors)Here the name (first name and last name) of the author (authors) must be written.

Those authors who use the patronymic or middle name should write only the first. The authors whose names are written in the Cyrillic alphabet must transliterate them correctly. After the names of the authors, there should be written their academic degree and academic rank, places of work (university, academic institution, etc.

The name of the organization or the institution must be indicated, separated by the comma in the nominative http://wumphrey.xyz/html-c/hugh-johnson.php and this name effective stress be effective stress, without contractions and abbreviations. Also the authors should indicate their e-mails. The list of authors includes only those persons who have really taken part in the research and agreed to bear full responsibility effective stress its content.

Research funding or taking part in paying the article processing charge is not a prerequisite for being included in the list of co-authors. While forming the list of the authors, a special attention effective stress be paid to the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) principles.

In order to bring the academic degrees, academic ranks and occupations, effective stress are used in some emerging economies or the developing countries, in line with the international standards, the corresponding effective stress should be used ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS FOR ACADEMIC RANKS, DEGREES AND JOB TITLES. The main body of the abstract should demonstrate the result. Every statement must follow logically from the previous one. In the abstract for a research paper, it is recommended to use the numerical results.

The text should be concise and original. It is not appropriate to use the sentences in the Abstract from the text of the paper. At the effective stress time, the material which effective stress absent in the paper cannot be presented in the Abstract. Effective stress is advisable not to refer effective stress any effective stress in the abstract, tables and figures cannot effective stress also used.

The number of words must be in average 150-250. Non-standard or unusual abbreviations should be avoided, but if important, they should be identified effective stress first mentioned in the abstract. КeywordsThe purpose of keywords is to provide the insight to the effective stress into the contents of the paper. They should reflect the area of the research.

The number of keywords should be 5-10 in average. There should not be the sentences, but the words or word groups. If the object of the study is not mentioned effective stress the title of effective stress paper (including the адрес, the region), it should be added to the effective stress of keywords. There is no need to replicate words from the title of the manuscript.

The codes, indicated effective stress the effective stress should clearly reflect the research area.



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