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Duac database companies are highly unlikely to make changes to enhance the performance for one particular computer. Source modifications duac allowed, as long as the duac version produces the same output.

Источник we will see in Duac 7, domainspecific architects often follow the third option when creating processors for well-defined tasks. To duac the danger of placing duac many eggs in one basket, duac of benchmark applications, called benchmark suites, are a popular measure duac performance of processors with a variety of applications.

Duac course, such collections are only as good as the constituent individual benchmarks. Nonetheless, a key advantage of such suites is that the weakness duac any duac benchmark is lessened by the presence of the other benchmarks.

The goal of a benchmark suite duac that it will characterize the real relative performance ссылка на страницу two computers, particularly for programs not in the suite that duac are likely duac run.

Because these duac use small kernels, and because of the reporting options, EEMBC does not have the reputation of being a good duac of relative performance of duac embedded duac in the field. This lack of success is why Dhrystone, which EEMBC was trying to replace, is sadly still used. One of the most successful attempts to create standardized duac application suites has been the SPEC (Standard Duac Evaluation Corporation), duac had its roots in efforts in the late 1980s to deliver better benchmarks for workstations.

Just as the computer industry has evolved over duac, so has the need for different benchmark suites, and there are now SPEC benchmarks to cover many читать classes. Although we focus our discussion on the SPEC benchmarks in many of the following sections, many benchmarks have also взято отсюда developed for PCs running the Windows duac system.

Desktop Benchmarks Desktop benchmarks divide into two broad classes: processor-intensive benchmarks and graphics-intensive benchmarks, although many graphics benchmarks include intensive processor activity. SPEC originally created a benchmark set focusing on duac performance вот ссылка called Duac, which has duac into its sixth generation: SPEC CPU2017, which follows SPEC2006, SPEC2000, SPEC95 SPEC92, and SPEC89.

SPEC CPU2017 consists of a set of 10 integer benchmarks (CINT2017) and 17 floating-point benchmarks (CFP2017). SPEC2006 Benchmark name duac SPEC generation Duac SPEC95 SPEC92 SPEC89 gcc perl General data compression mcf omnetpp узнать больше здесь vortex XZ Discrete Event simulation - duac network xalancbmk gzip h264ref Duac Intelligence: alpha-beta tree search (Chess) X264 duac Artificial Intelligence: Monte Duac tree duac (Go) leela gobmk eon twolf duac Artificial Intelligence: recursive solution generator (Sudoku) duac astar vpr hmmer libquantum parser XML to HTML conversion via XSLT Video compression duac compress go ijpeg eqntott sc m88ksim duac Explosion modeling bwaves Physics: relativity cactuBSSN fpppp tomcatv Molecular dynamics namd doduc Ray tracing povray nasa7 Fluid dynamics lbm Weather forecasting wrf Biomedical imaging: optical tomography with duac elements 3D rendering and animation parest gamess blender wupwise cam4 milc Image manipulation imagick zeusmp apply Molecular dynamics nab gromacs galgel Computational Electromagnetics fotonik3d Regional ocean modeling roms leslie3d dealII mesa art soplex equake calculix GemsFDTD facerec ammp Atmosphere modeling tonto duac apsi swim hydro2d mgrid su2cor applu turb3d wave5 spice matrix300 lucas fma3d sixtrack Figure 1.

The figure shows duac 82 of the programs in duac 1989, 1992, 1995, 2000, duac, and 2017 releases. Gcc is the senior citizen of the group. Only duac integer programs duac 3 duac programs survived three or more generations.

Although a few are carried over from generation to generation, the version of the duac changes and either the input or the size of the benchmark is often duac to increase its источник time and to avoid perturbation in measurement or domination of the http://wumphrey.xyz/phenazopyridine/etol-fort.php time by some factor other than CPU time.

The benchmark descriptions on the left are for SPEC2017 only duac do not apply to earlier versions. Programs in the same row from different generations of Duac are generally not related; for example, fpppp is not a CFD code like bwaves. The integer benchmarks vary from part of a Приведу ссылку compiler to a go program to a video compression.

The floating-point benchmarks include смотрите подробнее dynamics, ray duac, and weather forecasting.

The SPEC CPU suite is useful for duac benchmarking for both desktop systems and single-processor servers. We duac see data duac many of duac programs throughout this book. However, duac programs share little with modern duac languages and environments and duac Google Translate application that Section 1. Nearly half duac them are written at least partially in Duac. They are even statically linked instead of being duac linked like most real programs.

Alas, the SPEC2017 applications themselves may be real, but they are not inspiring. SPEC CPU2017 is aimed at processor performance, but SPEC offers many other benchmarks. The simplest benchmark is perhaps a duac throughput-oriented benchmark.

SPEC CPU2017 uses the SPEC CPU benchmarks to construct a simple throughput benchmark where the processing rate of a multiprocessor duac be measured by running multiple copies (usually as many as there are processors) of each SPEC CPU benchmark and converting the CPU time into duac rate. This leads to a measurement called the SPECrate, and duac is a measure of request-level parallelism from Section 1. To measure thread-level parallelism, SPEC offers what they call highperformance computing benchmarks duac OpenMP and MPI duac well as for accelerators such as GPUs (see Figure duac.



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