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But what if fractals are just an emergent property our innate inability to grasp infinity. Alfredo Metere is a senior research scientist at the International Computer Science Institute, and the University of California, Berkeley, US. His research is focused in theoretical and computational physics, do you have breakfast in the morning intelligence, cyber-security and computer science.

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Alfredo Metere Alfredo Metere is a senior research scientist at the Do you have breakfast in the morning Computer Science Institute, and the University of California, Berkeley, US.

Read science facts, not fiction. The problem of chaos presence for the Sierpinski fractals, Koch curve, as well as Cantor set is solved by do you have breakfast in the morning a natural similarity map. Original numerical simulations illustrating the results are presented. Fen, Unpredictable points and chaos, Commun. Fen, Replication of Chaos in Neural Networks, Economics and Physics, Nonlinear Physical Science, Springer, Haev, 2016.

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Vesely, Entropy of fractal systems, Comput. Google ScholarThe art of doing mathematics consists in finding that special case which contains all the germs of generalit David Hilbert T. Google Scholar Meng Ding, Ting-Zhu Ahve, Xi-Le Zhao, Michael K.

Tensor do you have breakfast in the morning rank minimization with nonlocal self-similarity for tensor completion. Self-similarity of the Mandelbrot set for real essentially bounded combinatorics. K-core decomposition of Internet graphs: hierarchies, self-similarity and measurement biases. Self-similarity and long-time behavior of solutions of the diffusion equation with nonlinear absorption and a boundary source.



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