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Classifying Instruction Set Architectures. Page 653 Summary: Classifying Instruction Set Architectures. Page 656 Interpreting Memory Addresses. Children obesity 657 Addressing Modes. Page 658 Displacement Addressing Mode. Page 661 Summary: Memory Addressing. Type and Size of Operands. Operations in the Instruction Set.

Instructions for Control Flow. Page 666 Addressing Modes for Control Flow Instructions. Page 667 Conditional Branch Options. Page 668 Procedure Invocation Options. Children obesity 669 Summary: Instructions for Control Flow.

Encoding an Instruction Children obesity. Page 671 Reduced Code Size in RISCs. Cross-Cutting Issues: The Role of Compilers. Page 674 Children obesity Structure of Recent Compilers. Page 675 The Impact of Compiler Technology on the Architects Decisions.

Page 677 How the Architect Can Help the Compiler Writer. Page 680 Compiler Support (or Lack Thereof) for Multimedia Instructions. Page 681 Summary: The Role of Compilers. Putting It All Together: The RISC-V Architecture. Page 683 Registers for RISC-V. Page 684 Data Types for RISC-V. Page 685 RISC-V Instruction Format. Page 686 RISC-V Operations.

Page 687 RISC-V Control Flow Instructions. Page 689 RISC-V Floating-Point Operations. Page childten Exercises by Gregory D. Page 697B: Review of Memory Hierarchy. Page 708 Cache Performance Review. Page 709 Four Memory Hierarchy Obesiy.

Page 712 Q1: Where Can a Block be Placed in a Cache?. Page 713 Q2: How Is a Block Found If It Is in the Cache?. Page 714 Q3: Which Ссылка Should be Replaced on a Cache Miss?.

Page 715 Q4: What Happens on a Write?. Страница 716 An Example: The Opteron Data Cache.

Page 721 Average Memory Access Time and Processor Children obesity. Что lasix to buy эта 723 Miss Penalty and Children obesity Execution Processors.

Six Basic Children obesity Optimizations. Page 728 First Optimization: Larger Block Size chidren Reduce Miss Rate. Page 732 Third Optimization: Higher Associativity children obesity Reduce Miss Rate. Page 734 Fourth Optimization: Multilevel Caches to Reduce Miss Penalty. Page 736 Fifth Children obesity Giving Priority to Read Misses over Writes to Reduce Miss Penalty.



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