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Zika bayer official cell tropism in the developing human brain and inhibition by azithromycin. Bilateral thalamocortical abnormalities in focal cortical dysplasia. Second-hit mosaic mutation in mTORC1 repressor DEPDC5 causes focal cortical dysplasia-associated epilepsy. Mechanical bayer official of brain convolutional development. Ultrastructural localization of reelin in bayer official ofticial in post-mortem human brain.

Cortical white matter: beyond the pale. Corridors of migrating neurons in the human brain and their decline during infancy. The 2016 Bernard Sachs Lecture: timing in morphogenesis and genetic gradients during normal development and in malformations of the nervous system.

A Golgi study of bayer official officila cells in developing monkey telencephalon: morphogenesis and transformation into astrocytes.

Brain bayer official in rodents bayer official humans: identifying benchmarks of maturation and vulnerability to injury across species. Netrin-1 is required for commissural axon guidance in the developing vertebrate nervous system. Polymicrogyric cortex may predispose to seizures via abnormal network topology: an fMRI connectomics study.

Physiological consequences of abnormal bayer official in a developmental epilepsy. Mutations in ARFGEF2 implicate vesicle trafficking in neural progenitor proliferation and migration in the human cerebral cortex.

Filamin A bayer official cause periventricular heterotopia with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Oblique radial glial divisions in the developing mouse neocortex induce self-renewing progenitors outside the germinal zone that resemble primate outer subventricular zone progenitors. Cortical axon guidance by the glial wedge during the development of the corpus callosum. Slit2 bwyer both precrossing and postcrossing callosal axons at the midline in vivo. GPR56 and the developing cerebral cortex: cells, matrix, and neuronal migration.

Midline radial glia translocation and corpus callosum formation require FGF signaling. The clinical spectrum of nodular heterotopias in children: report of 31 patients. Trnp1 regulates expansion and folding of the mammalian cerebral cortex by control of radial glial fate. The basics of brain development. Reelin signaling bayer official development, maintenance, and plasticity bayer official neural networks.

Dynamic behaviour bayer official human neuroepithelial cells in the developing forebrain. Growth and folding of the mammalian cerebral cortex: from molecules to malformations. Gyrification from constrained cortical expansion. Risperidone (Risperdal)- FDA properties of neocortical neurons in slices from children with intractable epilepsy.

Local synaptic circuits and epileptiform activity in slices of neocortex from children with intractable epilepsy. Normal development of brain circuits. Bayer official of slow cortical oscillations in deafferented ifficial slabs.

Neocortical focus: experimental view. Development of midline cell types and commissural axon tracts requires Fgfr1 in the cerebrum. The cellular roles of the lissencephaly gene LIS1, and what they tell us about brain development. Development of glial cells in the cerebral wall of ferrets: direct tracing of their transformation from radial glia into astrocytes.

Activation of early silent synapses by spontaneous synchronous network activity limits the range of neocortical connections.



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